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Private Equity Crowd

Your Project

Your Project could be here to let others know your vision. Get in touch with us and lets get busy so you can focus on doing what you do best - your business.

Private Equity Crowd

How We Choose Companies

Green Bull Capital, the owner of the Private Equity Crowd platform, reviews opportunities with the same level of scrutiny as traditional Venture Capital and Private Equity companies. We screen all listing applicants using specific criteria – an evaluation of suitable risk, likelihood of profitability, willingness to give up an equity stake in exchange for capital, etc.—and select only those that fit a certain profile.

Private Equity Crowd

Listing Process

A Company Applies for Listing: They provide us with key information about the company's business, products, team, financials, and a deck pitch summarizing their business.
We perform institutional level due diligence on the Company: GBC examines every aspect of a company before it's listed on one of our platforms. This includes background checks on the key people, examination of a company's financial statements, and may even interview a company's customers. This helps us weed out fraudulent activity and make sure we only select the companies with the best possibility to succeed.

Private Equity Crowd about us

About Us

Private Equity Crowd was founded after years of working in the investment industry. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies with fundraising and networking guidance. As a results-driven organization, we are constantly looking for ambitious and visionary partners with the drive and flexibility to take their company to the next level. For details about our investment process as well as our level of involvement, get in touch with us.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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